You are invited to sign the declaration for life recognizing the God-given dignity of all human life…

  1. God created us in his image and knew us before we were formed in the womb. At this time, when the abortion regime is being even more deeply entrenched in our society, we must acknowledge this truth and give witness to it in our thoughts, words, and actions.
  1. We acknowledge the following as the foundation of our witness:
    • That our inherent dignity is a sacred gift from our Creator, and we can express our gratitude by loving one another as we love ourselves.
    • That the evil one works tirelessly to fill our minds and provoke our emotions with lies that weakens us and misdirects our true expressions of our love for one another.
    • That we can with God’s grace and reason, distinguish truth from lies, and know how to truly love one another.
    • That a child in the womb is someone we are commanded to love as ourselves, without exception.
  1. Hence, the abortion of the innocent child in the womb is an abomination to God, and to believe otherwise is a lie, and not in any way compatible with our commandment to love one another as we love ourselves.
  1. Abortion is the gravest form of evil in our country at this time, because;
    • It intentionally terminates the life of an innocent child of God.
    • Its practice inculcates the view a new life as no longer a gift from God, and thus separates us from God.
    • It undermines the sacred role of motherhood.
    • It conditions men and women to compress and flatten their imagination and openness to God’s grace.
    • It damages women and men in various physical and psychological ways.
    • It desensitizes us to all life and warps our understanding of health and reality.
    • It fosters the lie that we have absolute control of our future, and places convenience as our highest priority.
    • It occurs on such an enormous scale with between 800,000 to 1,000,000  unborn children per year, not including the collateral damage to the mothers, fathers and the social fabric of our society.
  1. Therefore, we, the undersigned, pledge with God’s grace to make this injustice a thing of the past, so our children and grandchildren can someday give thanks for our courage and the grace of God.
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