This is about more than life. It’s about truth and love.

In short, it is about God, our Creator and his plan for all of us—the born and the unborn. The declaration is about his plan is for each of us who are created in his image to live in eternity with him.

As we ponder eternity and its infiniteness or its finality, we must decide how to spend that eternity—either with him or not. We must either say yes to God or no.

Our choices consist of words and actions, and by these, we will seal our fate.

We need not despair though, because our Creator has a plan for when we sin as well.

His plan is simple: Stop the sin and ask for forgiveness.

By signing the Declaration of Life, you can say yes to God.

Maybe you have always said yes to God, if so, thank God, and recommit yourself by signing.

Maybe you have said yes to God about some things but not others and have a difficult time discerning what to say yes to or even how. Choose now and sign.

Maybe you have disobeyed God directly, by neglect or distraction. You have been deceived, so acknowledge that and say yes to God now. The millions of little souls who have been sacrificed by our neglect are praying to God that you say yes so you can be forgiven and join them in eternity with our Creator.